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Semen Analysis Results 

What to expect with semen analysis results 

The main causes of male infertility involve low sperm production and poor sperm quality. Semen analysis tests can pinpoint microscopic irregularities with sperm shape -morphology- and movement -motility-, and whether the number of sperm present in the ejaculate falls within the “normal” range of 15 million or above. Further, bacteria present in semen can indicate infection or STD that is causing male infertility.

Expect to schedule one or more appointments to provide a semen sample through masturbation. An in-depth report should be available within 2 days, which will be discussed at a follow-up visit with Dr. Hudson.

The sperm count level and ability to ejaculate determines whether you are a candidate for intrauterine insemination -IUI- or if in vitro fertilization -IVF- is a better fertility treatment option. Sometimes oral fertility medication, clomiphene, may be prescribed to increase sperm counts.

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