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Infertility Testing

Completing infertility testing is the first critical step in discovering your options for creating a family.

At Texas Fertility Center of New Braunfels, we provide highly comprehensive and advanced fertility diagnostic testing for both women and men.  After you contact Texas Fertility Center New Braunfels to make your appointment, you will receive instructions on how to access our Patient Portal. Our electronic medical record system is designed to provide a seamless and secure flow of information from you to the clinic and vice versa.

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If you need to access the Patient Portal now, click here. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our patient coordinators and then Dr. Hudson will greet you. To ensure an accurate fertility evaluation and diagnosis, Dr. Hudson will review your history, discuss important aspects of fertility care including pre-conceptual counseling, and talk to you about your individual concerns. Your specific doctor will then design a custom Treatment Plan which will describe all of the tests needed to evaluate possible causes of your fertility challenges.

After completing the recommended evaluation, Dr. Hudson will develop a strategic plan with you to maximize your chance of a successful pregnancy.

Take the first step – call Texas Fertility Center New Braunfels today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Hudson.

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