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Semen Analysis Results 

Our team can help you understand your semen analysis results

Semen analysis testing is an important component of your fertility evaluation. Approximately 40% of couples have a contributing male factor issue. When you visit with Susan Hudson MD, your New Braunfels fertility doctor, she will help you understand your semen analysis results. .

Semen analyses are best performed after two to five days of no ejaculation. An interval greater than seven days is not recommended because sperm start to degrade, and the degrading sperm can damage good, functional sperm.

Reviewing your semen analysis with a fertility doctor

Your New Braunfels fertility doctor will review your results at a follow-up consultation with you and your partner. It is important to receive all your fertility testing results at one time because a single test result, not taken in light of other test results, can be challenging to interpret. Dr. Hudson will explain all the components of the semen analysis and the best way to improve any areas of concern.

Your semen analysis results will include information on several aspects of your sample.

  • Concentration (how many sperm are present per mL)
  • Volume (mL of semen produced)
  • Total count (volume X concentration)
  • Motility (whether sperm are moving)
  • Progression (quality of movement)
  • WBCs (presence of signs of infection)
  • Morphology (percentage of sperm with normal shape)

If there are significant findings in your results, your New Braunfels fertility doctor may request another semen analysis. There are several factors that can cause abnormalities, and before ordering tests and referrals, Dr. Hudson will want to confirm the initial findings. If significant findings are persistent, you may need blood tests and be referred to a trusted urologist for further evaluation and possible treatment.

How semen analysis results affect treatment recommendations

Semen analysis results will also have a significant bearing on the type of fertility treatment that may be recommended. If only minor abnormalities are present or if the goal is to simply maximize egg and sperm interaction, IUI (intrauterine insemination) may be recommended. However, if the results are persistently concerning, IVF (in vitro fertilization) with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) may be suggested.

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