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Donor Services

Donor services like egg, sperm and embryo donation help make parenthood possible

At our New Braunfels fertility center, Susan Hudson MD believes that everyone should have the chance to become a parent. Sometimes, treatments like IUI and IVF are enough to make this possible. However, in other cases, Dr. Hudson may recommend using donor services. This includes donor eggs, sperm and embryos, which are all forms of third party reproduction.

Understanding donor services is the first step

Infertility has so many different causes and can affect both men and women. As a result, our New Braunfels fertility center has comprehensive third party reproduction offerings. Before recommending a treatment plan, Dr. Hudson will explain which of these options could be a good fit.

Donor eggs often come to mind first when people think of donor services. Donor eggs can help overcome many causes of female infertility. They can also help gay couples and single men welcome a baby. To simplify the process of finding a donor, Texas Fertility Center offers an egg donor program with a pool of diverse, prescreened donors.

Donor sperm is an option for couples facing male infertility. It can also help single women and lesbian couples become mothers. As with donor eggs, donor sperm produces high pregnancy rates because it comes from healthy, prescreened donors. To find a sperm donor, hopeful parents can visit a sperm bank or ask someone they know to be their donor.

Donor embryos come from patients who were able to build their families without using all their IVF embryos. They give permission for other patients to use these extra embryos to have a baby. This family-building option tends to be more affordable than many other fertility treatments.

Although not a form of donor services, gestational surrogacy is a type of third party reproduction. This is an excellent option for women who cannot carry a pregnancy as well as single men and gay couples. Using IVF to conceive, the gestational carrier will carry a baby for someone else. After delivery, she gives the baby to the hopeful parents to raise.

Third party reproduction helps overcome many barriers to conception

Patients come to our New Braunfels fertility center to seek out third party reproduction for many reasons.

  • Because egg quality and quantity decline with age, women may need donor eggs to conceive after their mid-30s.
  • As for men, Dr. Hudson may recommend turning to donor sperm when severe male factor infertility is present.
  • Same-sex couples and single parents also rely on options like donor eggs and donor sperm to have a child using treatments like IUI and IVF.

If you’d like to learn more about how third party reproduction can help you bring home a healthy baby, our team would love to assist you. Contact us to learn more about fertility treatments with donor eggs, sperm or embryos.