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Egg Freezing Process

The egg freezing process can help you become a mother when the time is right for you

If you’re wondering whether fertility preservation is right for you, you probably want to know the steps to freeze your eggs. The egg freezing process is the same for all patients. At Texas Fertility Center New Braunfels, Susan Hudson MD and her team will guide you through each step. From fertility medications to the egg retrieval, our New Braunfels fertility doctor will help you feel empowered and informed throughout the process.

Get to know the egg freezing process

Before you start with any fertility plan at our clinic, you’ll have an initial appointment with Dr. Hudson. Our New Braunfels fertility doctor will ask you about your medical history and family-building plans. She’ll also give you time to ask questions about the steps to freeze your eggs.

Once you both have the information you need, you’ll have a transvaginal ultrasound and some bloodwork. Your test results will help her create your egg freezing plan. From there, you might be surprised to learn that the steps to freeze your eggs are like the first steps of an IVF cycle.

  • You’ll start by taking injectable fertility medications. Our team will show you how to give yourself these injections and can answer any of your questions.
  • While taking these medications, you’ll attend regular monitoring appointments with ultrasounds and bloodwork. These visits help Dr. Hudson determine whether she needs to make any changes to your medication dosage and see when your eggs are mature.
  • When your eggs reach maturity, Dr. Hudson will order a special injection that tells your ovaries to release the eggs (ovulate).
  • About 36 hours later, you’ll come to our clinic for a quick, outpatient egg retrieval procedure. You’ll receive light sedation to keep you comfortable.
  • After the retrieval step of the egg freezing process, embryologists in the IVF lab will flash-freeze your eggs using a process called vitrification.

Once your eggs are frozen, they can remain that way for years. When you’re ready to use them, embryologists will thaw them. They will then fertilize them with sperm from your partner or a sperm donor. Then, Dr. Hudson will transfer one of the resulting embryos into your uterus.

You can take steps now to have the family of your dreams later

Starting the egg freezing process is a great way to be proactive about your fertility. If you want to postpone motherhood to pursue other dreams and goals, this option can give you peace of mind that you can have a baby when you feel ready.

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you’d like to learn more about the steps to freeze your eggs. Dr. Hudson and her team look forward to helping you explore this process.