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Oncofertility can protect the dream of a family in the face of cancer

You don’t have to sacrifice your dream of parenthood after receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness like cancer. Our New Braunfels fertility center offers oncofertility, or fertility preservation for patients facing treatments that could damage their fertility. Advances in reproductive medicine allow our team to preserve eggs, sperm and embryos before, and sometimes even after, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The importance of fertility preservation when facing an illness

After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, your first thoughts might not be about family-building. However, it’s important to consider your future fertility. Today’s medical treatments have drastically improved survival rates, but some treatments can damage the testes and ovaries, which can impair fertility.

Although your doctor can tell you more about the fertility risks of your specific treatment, here is some basic information about the overall risk of infertility with certain treatments.

  • Some chemotherapy medications can cause reproductive harm, and even interrupt menstruation or cause early menopause. However, medications like methotrexate and vincristine are less likely to cause these outcomes.
  • Radiation can damage the sperm in the testes and the eggs in the ovaries. It can also interfere with menstruation and uterine function. Additionally, radiation to the brain can impact fertility.
  • Surgery can also disrupt fertility if it occurs on or near the reproductive organs.

It can be difficult to predict whether fertility damage from these treatments will be temporary or permanent. As a result, our New Braunfels fertility center recommends exploring your oncofertility options early.

More about oncofertility options

Women and men who are preparing to undergo chemotherapy or radiation have several options for fertility preservation.

  • Women can take fertility medications and undergo egg retrieval for egg or embryo freezing. Egg freezing is best for patients who do not yet have a partner who they want to have children with, while embryo freezing is an excellent option for couples.
  • Men who want to preserve their fertility can use sperm freezing. Our laboratory can freeze and store one or more samples that the man can use for future family-building.

These oncofertility options can allow you to store your reproductive materials until you’re ready to start or grow your family in the future. When that time comes, you will schedule an appointment at our New Braunfels fertility center. Susan Hudson MD will then help you develop a customized treatment plan to welcome a baby using your frozen eggs, sperm or embryos.

When facing a serious illness, you can trust Texas Fertility Center – New Braunfels to protect your future fertility. While you’re focusing on getting back to health, our team is working hard to preserve your dreams for the future. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

Note: When you call for an appointment, let your scheduler know that you are facing a cancer diagnosis. Our team can expedite your treatment.