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Gonadotropins, Injectable Fertility Medications

Gonadotropins are injectable fertility medications that are used for ovulation stimulation

Gonadotropins are injectable medications commonly used in fertility care. These medications are now primarily used with IVF therapy. Gonadotropins are either recombinant (created in a laboratory) or purified forms of the naturally occurring hormones, FSH and LH. These hormones stimulate the growth of follicles (the houses of the eggs). As the follicles grow, the egg matures and prepares to be at the right stage to accept a sperm through fertilization.

Risk of multiples with gonadotropins

Less commonly now than in the past, gonadotropins are used in ovulation induction. Though the success rates are a little higher than those seen with oral medications, the risk of multiple births is exceptionally high—up to 30% for twins and 3% for triplets or more. Therefore, these medications are now only used for ovulation induction in select circumstances.

Common names for injectable gonadotropins include:

  • Follistim
  • Gonal F
  • Menopur

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