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Donor Eggs for Gay Men

Donor eggs for gay men play an important role in family building for same-sex male couples

Advances in reproductive medicine have made the dream of biological fatherhood possible for single men and same-sex male couples. At Texas Fertility Center New Braunfels, Susan Hudson MD works with LGBTQ patients to help them start and grow their families. As a New Braunfels LGBTQ fertility specialist, Dr. Hudson has proven expertise in gay family building, including treatments using donor eggs for gay men.

Why are donor eggs for gay men necessary for family building?

Our New Braunfels LGBTQ fertility specialist believes that knowledge is power. As a result, before exploring the process of gay family building, it’s important to discuss why egg donation is necessary.

When it comes to reproduction, there needs to be a combination of healthy eggs and sperm as well as a uterus that can support a pregnancy. Due to the lack of a uterus and ovaries, same-sex male couples and single men need to rely on egg donation and surrogacy to have a biological child.

What does the gay family building process look like?

The process of using donor eggs for gay men starts by making an appointment with Dr. Hudson. During this time, you’ll discuss your medical background and your goals. You will also undergo a semen analysis to ensure that you have healthy sperm that can fertilize an egg. If you have a partner, he can also provide a sample for semen analysis.

After this discussion and testing, selecting an egg donor is the next step. Texas Fertility Center has an in-house egg donor program that features diverse and highly qualified egg donors. Our New Braunfels LGBTQ fertility specialist can also recommend other reputable egg banks around the country to help you find the perfect donor for your family.

Your egg donor will take injectable fertility medications to stimulate egg development. When her eggs reach maturity, she will undergo a short, outpatient egg retrieval procedure. Whether you are using fresh or frozen donor eggs will determine how quickly you will receive donor eggs for gay men and take the next steps.

  • Upon receiving the donor eggs, embryologists will fertilize the eggs with sperm from you and/or your partner.
  • These laboratory professionals will monitor the fertilized eggs as they grow into healthy embryos.
  • Hudson will transfer a single embryo to the uterus of your chosen surrogate who will carry the pregnancy.

Your surrogate will then have a pregnancy test about two weeks later, and you will hopefully be celebrating a positive result with your surrogate and Dr. Hudson.

Find the support you need to move forward with gay family building

From surrogacy to donor eggs for gay men, Dr. Hudson and her team will guide you through every step of the process. Together, you’ll work to make the dream of starting or growing your family become a reality. Contact us to learn more.