Patient Stories

Texas Fertility Center of New Braunfels Patient Success Stories

Some of our patients have graciously volunteered to share their experiences in order to encourage others who are struggling with infertility.

R, San Antonio

“Week after week, Dr. Hudson checked out our little biscuit. That is what we called the baby at first. Dr. Hudson was so empathetic and knew that the sound of the heartbeat was all we needed to hear to be relieved. Soon, we reached 12 weeks and everything was fine. Dr. Hudson reassured us that making it that far was a good sign. It meant that the shots I was taking under her care and the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor were just the right cocktail to help my body create and grow a healthy baby. I was very sad that after a few weeks we had to graduate so Dr. Hudson could move on to another family in the making.”

A, New Braunfels

“At our first meeting, Dr. Hudson explained everything that she would check out and could do to help us plan the best way to start a family. When I mentioned that I was worried about possible blood clotting issues since my fraternal grandfather has a blood clotting disorder, she offered to check for that. A few days later, I got a call and was educated on what was showing up in my blood. At our next appointment, Dr. Hudson took the time to go into details that made sense to us on how to best approach managing the concerns with blood clotting. She also introduced us to a wonderful Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor that cared for us as we grew our family.”

C & J, San Antonio

“Dr. Hudson’s insight and knowledge of infertility helped guide us toward our dream of having a baby. As an older couple, we were referred to her to increase our chances of conceiving, and within a few short months, our dream became a reality. We now have a happy, healthy 13-month-old!”

D, San Antonio

“Dr. Hudson is a wonderful, compassionate fertility doctor. We had both primary and secondary infertility issues and decided to do IVF. Dr. Hudson worked to find the best combination of medication for my body, and it was nothing short of a miracle that we ended up with healthy, happy babies. Dr. Hudson had the insight, passion, and patience to see us through the process. Thank you! Every day I hold our babies, I am so grateful.”

N, San Antonio

“My husband and I experienced tremendous heartache when we miscarried. Had I not been directed to Dr. Hudson, the reason behind this loss would have never been diagnosed. After lots of praying for a medical professional that would meet me where I was at, I found Dr. Hudson. Or as I like to say, she found our family.”

S, New Braunfels

“In October 2010 we delivered a perfect baby girl. We are a family because Dr. Hudson listened and she cared. I recommend Dr. Hudson to everyone.”

K, San Antonio

“We could still feel the pain of our loss just months earlier. We were very frightened, even with all the faith we had in everyone and everything. Then a blessing happened: just a few months after first connecting with Dr. Hudson, we became pregnant.”

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