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If you’re pregnant or already celebrating milestones with your little miracle thanks to our South Texas fertility center, join the other parents who have shared their fertility stories. The team at Texas Fertility Center shares your excitement and is honored to have helped you overcome your fertility struggles.

Inspire hopeful parents by sharing fertility stories

Sharing your fertility story is the perfect way to celebrate your joy and triumph while inspiring other hopeful parents still on their path to parenthood.

We hope you will Tell Your Fertility Story to educate and encourage other individuals and couples trying to grow their families. Whether hopeful parents are still trying to conceive on their own or they are seeking fertility treatments, these hopeful parents can benefit from the insight and inspiration from fertility stories like yours.

Think about the following questions when you tell your fertility story:

  • How did you know it was time to partner with a fertility specialist?
  • What advice do you have about finding the right doctor?
  • Where did you go for support during your fertility journey?
  • What tips do you have for surviving holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day?
  • How did you navigate insurance and paying for fertility treatments?
  • How did you deal with well-meaning friends and family who didn’t know the best ways to support you?

If you would like assistance telling your story, our writers can interview you and help you get your thoughts on paper.

No one has a fertility story like yours

Right now, somewhere close by, a woman or couple is devastated due to a negative pregnancy test. You understand that feeling, but you also know that the right fertility treatments can turn feelings of despair into delight when you learn you’re pregnant. Let hopeful parents know that with your fertility story.

Infertility affects 1 in 7 couples, but your fertility story is unique, and only you can tell it. Share your story to let hopeful parents know how you welcomed your bundle of joy into the world and inspire them not to give up. Sharing fertility stories is the ultimate way to pay it forward.

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