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Healthy Ways to Boost Male Fertility

To celebrate Men’s Heath Week leading into Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th, let’s take a look at some specific ways men can improve their sperm production and boost male fertility.

Productive sperm cells must have the requisite oval heads, tails long enough to “whip” them forward, and enough actual motility to reach the egg. It’s also a numbers game; you want to produce at least 15 million sperm cells per ejaculate.

What can you do to give your sperm a fighting chance?

Eat wisely. By avoiding or shedding those excess pounds, you may be adding to your sperm’s motility and potency. Replacing those processed junk foods with colorful fresh fruits and vegetables not only helps you manage your weight, but it also gives you a much-needed dose of antioxidants, natural substances that protect the health of cells — including sperm cells.

Relax. Stress can impair all kinds of bodily systems, from immune response to blood pressure levels. The mental distractions that are stressing you out can also make sexual performance difficult or impossible. Explore natural ways to relax body and mind, such as yoga, massage therapy or meditation. You will improve your health, your state of mind, and possibly your fertility.

Exercise. The aforementioned yoga is not just a stress buster; it’s also good exercise. But anything that gets your body moving is better than nothing. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming — all these activities improve the circulation and heart strength, relieve stress, and keep you fit and trim.

Take (certain) supplements. Please seek our advice before investing in over-the-counter supplements. One product we do recommend is ProXeed®, which has been shown to increase sperm count and motility safely and effectively.

Avoid STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases can render both you and your significant other infertile. Always use condoms and (ideally) practice monogamy to avoid this unhappy outcome.

We want you to know that Dr. Susan Hudson and the team at the Texas Fertility Center of New Braunfels are in your corner. If you are having trouble conceiving, don’t let another Father’s Day pass you by.

Call today to schedule an appointment for a fertility assessment and get on your way to a Father’s Day of your own!