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Micro IVF produces ovarian stimulation through the use of either oral medication alone or a combination of oral medications, such as Clomiphene, and low levels of injectable FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). Micro IVF is also called minimal stimulation IVF, mini IVF and mild IVF. Some couples choose it because it reduces the medication costs of IVF.

How micro IVF compares to standard IVF

Standard IVF calls for higher doses of injectable medications for ovarian stimulation. The purpose of this more aggressive stimulation is to produce a larger number of eggs for fertilization, allowing the potential development of multiple embryos to be created. Micro IVF modifies the type of ovarian-stimulating medications, using only oral medications such as Clomiphene, or a combination of oral medications and low doses of injectable FSH. This protocol reduces the cost of medication, but also produces fewer eggs.

Advantages of micro IVF

Advantages of mini IVF include:

  • Uses fewer injections
  • May reduce treatment cost
  • Patients with poor ovarian response may produce the same number of eggs with mild stimulation
  • Decreases the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, an infrequent side effect of stimulating medications

Disadvantages of micro IVF

Successful in vitro fertilization requires high quality eggs to produce high quality embryos. Since micro IVF reduces the number of eggs for retrieval, not all reproductive endocrinologists are proponents of the protocol.

The disadvantages of micro IVF include:

  • Lower pregnancy rates
  • Treatment may ultimately be more expensive if initial attempt is unsuccessful
  • Not widely available

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